Auto Blaine Apparatus

Used in determining the fineness of cement in terms of specific value expressed as total surface area square centimeters per gram. To obtain the most accurate results, the test is performed in a temperature-controlled environment. Our fully Automatic version provides more accuracy & precision than the usual manual Blaine Apparatus. The PC-Controlled Auto Blaine provides fully-automated testing & analysis.

  • Single Touch Operation, automatic sensing of the upper & lower marks, temperature, correction of formula for calculation ensuring error free reports.

  • Standalone Model or through a Computer Controlled system complete with Software. Login facility to supervisor & operator.

  • Report Generation based on Date/Time, section type & type of cement in graphical format with registration of unlimited number of samples. Facility to monitor & configure various cement types. User programmable K factor.
    The equipment consists of following replaceable parts:
    Permeability Cell
    'U’ Tube Manometer mounted on stand
    Perforated metal disc
    Rubber stopper (20 cm long)
    Filter paper discs (12 nos.)
    Dibutylphthalate Liquid (100 ml bottle)
    Non perforated disc
    Suction bulb
    * NOTE - Does not include required PC set-up