About Us

Drishti Software Solutions is a specialist in Open Source Technologies. Our wide range of products developed under Open Source Technology. Drishti has been concentrating on people, quality, and business values.

We cater to the needs of IT solutions for Laboratory-based Instrument Automation of Cement-Concrete Industries, ERP solution for Cement-Concrete Laboratories, Banking Solution for co-op credit societies, and other manufacturing verticals.

We have a reputation for providing cost-effective, functional technology and services In this fast-growing IT field, our goal is to provide a good solution to our customer. We have helped businesses in streamlining their workflow resulting in higher efficiency, cost reduction, and revenue growth.

We specialize on Java development and engage with clients using agile software development. We draw from our roots in technology, industry experience, and Open Source development to deliver solutions rapidly and cost-efficiently. When it comes to software development particularly in complex enterprise environments, we’ve got you covered. With a balance of technical know-how and best-practice approach, large-scale Open Source development expertise and enterprise experience, our team brings all the right pieces to help businesses deliver effectively and efficiently on their software challenges.