Auto CTM System

An objective of this System is to integrates your CTM Machine data to centralised Software for Analysis. Our Customized Hardware & Software solution will fully integrates any type of viz Analog, Digital, Semi-Automatic & Full Automatic CTM Machine. AutoCTM SystemOur Software System includes comprehensive software functionality to manage the operations. Our Software system delivers fully-integrated with your existing System. Furthermore, Systems underlying architecture is flexible and configurable by design, enabling organizations to implement the system to meet their unique business process requirements.

  • Can integrates with any Capacity of CTM Machines.
  • Can Integrates with any make of CTM Machine.
  • Read and Display the Mortar cubs breaking schedule.
  • Pick Weight from existing Weighing Machine.
  • Image of Cube broken pattern.
  • Pick the highest force which is in KN and updated to said table at the same time when Cube crushed.
  • Pace Rate will be displayed continuously and Average pace rate will stored into said database table.
  • Graphical representation of Cube breaking and data will stored for future reference.